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This is the fifteenth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode we have Roy Sheinfeld from Breez Technology. Breez is an Android non-custodial Lightning "wallet" (Roy wouldn't like me calling it that) that has a streamlined UX that attempts to onboard users or allow as efficient as possible usage while within the app while not being custodial. Breez does things like having a single balance, submarine swaps, and automatic inbound liquidity is provided by Breez that acts as a LSP (Lightning Service Provider.)

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Background
  • Getting into Bitcoin
  • Breez
  • Why start building Breez?
  • Features that sets Breez Apart
  • Single Balance
  • Submarine Swaps
  • LSP(Liquidity Service Provider)
  • Incoming Channel Longevity
  • On-Demand Channels?
  • Breez LSP Charging Fees?
  • Upcoming Features
  • Lightning "Wallet"?
  • Monetizing "Wallets"
  • Lightning TX = Bitcoin TX
  • "Lightning Maximalist"?
  • Dev on Lightning
  • The Hockeystick
  • Future Adoption
  • Streaming Money?
  • Future of Lightning
  • Future of Bitcoin

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