June 22, 2014

Attempt to explain lack of updates turns into lots of words.

Blasted reality. Blasted corporate job.

This website costs me money to keep on, but I do not post anything of consequence. Perhaps I should? 

Things should be created. My little mind needs a place to dump its funny little nonsense. 

Places that I can contrive and imagine for an audience. The closest I’ll ever get to performing in front of a crowd.

Little animal creature wearing underwear pressing raised plastic over a red led with weird squiggles on them. Pressing certain combination of these symbols seems to create meaning and can narrowly transfer thoughts’ as one might conceive them. Much is lost however, so is it so wrong to dream of a collective concoiousness where our thoughts are shared in their whole entirity? Where our imagination is shared with everyone all of the time and theirs shared with you?

Lies and secrets all fall away. This is a terrifying thought, I have to admit. But the consquence of that would be that corruption would no longer have a place to hide. But I have to take a step back from my current point of view to see if it is as terrifying.

If I grew up in a world where everyone knew everyone else’s thoughts, all the irrelevant social divides could be discarded in exchange for a cognitive playground existence paradise, one perfectly suited for high end VR technologies, where thought experiments and games can be played. Where we can meet everyone else on the planet as the immaterial essences* that they actually are, without irrelevant resitriction of culture, language, relgion, skin color, gender, or other preceived seperation. This represents a departure from what one might classically’ conceive as reality — as something far more flexiable and undefined.

All of this comes together in my current obsessions and thoughts with the primary being: Bitcoin. Bitcoin represents a powerful tool of subversion against a broken and oppressive financial system. It isn’t perfect, it could be a meta-tatic of the globalist cabal**, it has been the center of some negative attention but the underlying technology and spirit are what makes this special. It represents a movement of decenteralized P2P technology that subverts the need for old systems of control. It gives the keys to everyone to equal out responsability, to remove the top-down control structures. 

Bitcoin is one of the first steps toward a global collective of paired minds. Money is the grease in the gears of an efficent healthy soceity*** and the more efficent our currency is.. the easier our soceity will work. From there? 

It amuses me that the world is moving towards something that I’ve always wanted it to move towards… assimilation, becoming one with the Borg. Star Trek has helped us to define our goal, our ideal, to become perfect through the assimilation of all life and technology, to scour the cosmos. 

Resistance is futile, bro.

Technology will allow us to ignore our petty biology and see what greater things exist out there in the ether where only thoughts exist.. we can go back to the Dream Zone…


*I intentionally avoid using the word soul’ here as I really dislike the concept.

** Slightly tongue in cheek, I assure you. Slightly.

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